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morning joints on the way to work are the best :)

Cannabis truly has changed my life and I am ever so grateful for it. It helped me accept and become my own person. If it wasn’t for marijuana, who knows I might still be in the closet. It’s been there with me in my darkest of times and it’s been there with me in my happiest of times. It’s opened doors for me and taught me to take risks. Let this be a reminder that nature is our teacher as well and she does it in many ways. Some people might not understand that and that’s ok, because I do. Thank you Mary Jane for everything you do.

Happy 4/20 guys :)

Anonymous said: whats your personal blog?

http://hoodboundhomosexual.tumblr.com :)

v3ntur4 said: just found your blog, URL perfection & great posts! have a goood smoke

ahhh thank you so much! stay high, gorgeous <3

I love getting people high