'Twas the night of all stoner's eve

Anonymous asked: whats your personal blog?

http://hoodboundhomosexual.tumblr.com :)

Weed is my bitch for life

v3ntur4 asked: just found your blog, URL perfection & great posts! have a goood smoke

ahhh thank you so much! stay high, gorgeous <3

I love getting people high

betruetothineown-self asked: Literally adore your blog. Stay lifted man ✌️

Thank you so much! :) sending positive vibes your way and you also stay lifted!

Anonymous asked: Name the mini steamroller Yoda.

I dig that! Yoda it is!

Nothin like a blunt cruise with your friends, but there’s also nothin like a blunt cruise by yourself

So feel free if you wish to follow me there :) LUH YALL

I got this new gem today. It needs a name though! Any ideas?